About us



The Cultural Educational Association of Kalabaki presents a rich and continuous action since its inception in 1979 until today, making every possible effort to rescue the cultural heritage, but also the production of culture – it is an organization with a particular intervention and action in the cultural and social life of our country.
It is a member of International Organization of Folk Art ( IOV world ) in operational relations with UNESCO.

  • It maintains 10 dancing sections with more than 200 dancers of all ages, in which dances from all over Greece are taught. It has participated in many events, local and international festivals, both in Greece and Europe.
  • It has a rich wardrobe with traditional costumes from Thrace, Macedonia, Asia Minor, the Greek islands.
  • Fine Arts section with art workshops for children and adults like painting, stained glass, mosaic art and handmade jewelry.
  • There are also sections of chess.
  • Sections of classic guitar and piano.
  • Children’s Choir.

Every spring since 2008, in association with the Municipality and the Region, we organize a series of cultural events called “Cultural May”, leading them by the Children’s Festival of Traditional Dances, in which 20 clubs from all over Greece take part, with the aspiration to establish an institution in cultural events in the region.

Other events that take place are:

  • Painting Contest and exhibition
  • Festival and Competition of Traditional flavors
  • Youth and graffiti Festivals etc.

So for a month, we create actions and interventions through artistic circles, dancing, music, theater, sports, within the circle of tradition, ecology and social solidarity.

Top position in the annual activity of the Association have the traditional customs and festivals, and similar events:

  • The feast of St. Athanasius on January 18 with the custom of “kourbania”
  • The carnival events of “Kalogerika” on Monday of the small carnival
  • The feast of Saints Constantine and Helen on May 21 at the chapel located in the woods just outside the village
  • Thrace Christmas carols sung by groups of men the night before the early hours

Members of the board

  • Mrs Athanasia Theodoridou, Chairman of the Board
  • Mr Ioannis Laskakis , vice chairman
  • Miss Pagona Stratigeli, General Secretary
  • Miss Sofia Keramyda, Paymaster
  • Mr George Magriotis, management officer
  • Mrs Paraskevi Lazaridou, head of dance sections
  • Miss Maria Kampouridou, head of art sections
  • Miss Lemonia Samara, head of chess section
  • Mr Nikolaos Avokatos, head of traditional customs